Warranty & Registration

  1. What is covered by the Crash Replacement Policy?

    The 'Crash replacement' program covers damage to the frame caused by crashes that occurred while using the bike appropriately, or through no fault of your own, and without external influences (e.g. damage during transport). The criterion is that the frame is no longer fit for use. For example, damage to the paintwork is not covered by the 'Crash replacement' program.

  2. Which bikes does the BMC Crash Replacement Policy cover?

    The top models in the respective model series benefit from the 'Crash replacement' program. You can find a list of the bikes covered by BMC's Crash Replacement Program on the 'Crash Replacement' page.

  3. Does the warranty cover racing?

    The warranty does cover racing. Damage caused by crashes, external influences, or inappropriate use is excluded from the warranty, however.

  4. Why should I register my BMC bike?

    By registering your bike, you automatically extend the warranty from three to five years. Certain models may also benefit from our 'Crash replacement' program.

  5. Where can I register my BMC bike?

    You can register your new BMC bike within 30 days of purchase by visiting the 'Bike registration' page. Used BMC bikes cannot be registered.

  6. How do I register a warranty claim?

    To process a warranty claim, please contact your BMC retailer. They will send all the necessary documents to BMC. BMC Switzerland cannot process any warrantly claims directly from end-consumers. 

  7. What are the key points in the warranty policy for BMC bikes?

    BMC provides a voluntary warranty of three years on every frame, and two years on BMC components and paintwork (paintwork one year for bikes before 2014). By registering your new BMC bike on the 'Bike Registration' page, you can extend the warranty on the frame to five years. You can read the warranty provisions in detail on the 'Warranty policy' page.

  8. Is there a warranty on used BMC bikes?

    The warranty begins with the purchase of a new BMC bike and continues in effect if the bike is sold on. However, you must be able to provide the original receipt in order to file a warranty claim.

  9. Where can I find the BMC serial number?

    The serial number (also known as frame number) can be found in front of or below the bottom bracket. On model year 2014 bicycles or newer, it is printed at the bottom of the QR code.